21.07.2014 |

UN CEDAW Committee raises serious concern for Dalit women and the lack of implementation of laws

In the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), review of India on 2nd July 2014, the issues of Dalit women and girls were brought up by several experts of the Committee and the Committee noted that Dalit women and the lack of implementation of laws were matters of serious concern.

The Indian delegation responded to the concerns raised by the Expert Committee by listing constitutional provisions, legislation and special legislation in place to deal with discrimination and violence against women, also Dalit women.

The Committee responded that while they are aware of the legislation, these laws are not implemented and called on India to address the inadequate implementation of the laws enacted.

The delegation from India also acknowledged the gap between the legal provisions and their implementation in practice and said that the size of the country and its population and their diversity posed a particular challenge to the implementation of the laws.